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Website policy/etiquette


This website is run and managed by the
‘Woodgreen Village Hall Management Committee’ (MC).

The following document outlines the ‘Raison d'être’ of this website.



Raising awareness to the general public of the unique nature of the hall, the operation of the Management Committee, the basic financial information, improvements to the facilities and our plans for the future.


Reporting on ‘significant’ events held at the hall.



Provide a home for history, primarily of the Village hall, additionally some local history of the village and its environs as extracted from the archives.



  • Advertise the hall as a venue for hire to stage public / private events.
  • Support our hirers through promoting their events directly on our website, ‘where appropriate’, or providing contact details.



Content of this website is carefully checked / referenced back to the originator to obtain permission for inclusion. Where it is not practical to host the information directly, a link maybe provided. The MC does not contribute or accept plagiarism.


It is preferred that articles / content that are hosted on our website are not reproduced on other websites - in preference please link into our site. This ensures that the information is current with minimal potential errors and relieves others of the burden of keeping our data current.


Errors and Omissions

Errors and Omissions are a fact of life – some are of our making and some are inherited from material that is provided for publication or reproduced. The MC makes every effort to remove errors as soon as they are discovered or reported to us.