The Murals

The unique murals which cover the walls of the hall were painted over a period of about eighteen months - 1932-33 - by two students from the Royal College of Art.  The project was funded with a grant from the Carnegie Trust.  The two artists lived in the village whilst they were painting the murals which depict village life at that time and incorporate the four seasons as their base subject.

The characters in the murals all lived and/or worked in the village and a record exists of everyone involved.  Only a very small number are still living.

The artists – Robert Baker and Edward Payne became eminent in the art world. Robert Baker became an Oxford Professor & Edward Payne was the consultant responsible for repairing the stained glass windows at Wells Cathedral.



The importance of the murals means that the hall has a Grade 2 listing (Grade II - buildings of special interest which warrant every effort to preserve them).The management committee work closely with various government departments to monitor the condition of the murals. The most recent survey of the murals was carried out in 2012. As an example, pictures below show the same area taken in 2010 and again in 2012 . The areas marked, show additional paint loss. Please note that the pictures have been taken under different lighting conditions to enhance any problem areas. 
This survey concluded however, that the murals were in generally good condition although some restoration work was recommended. 




 Mark Perry of Perry Lithgow
Partnership, working on partial
restoration of the murals 24th July 2013.

The pictures above show
the results of one area of the 
work before and after completion.




Village fundraising in 1999/2000 for the Millenium project - a photographic record of the village and its' residents - resulted in a surplus of funds. It was decided that the village hall should benefit from this and a mosaic was suggested for the main entrance.  The mosaic was designed and constructed by a local mosaic artist - Trevor Caley  and is a representation of the village : New Forest pony, oak tree, cricket on the common and the flagon - denoting cider pressing in the village.
The following text has been provided by Trevor for inclusion on the website...


(Written circa 2000)

Last year I was invited by the Woodgreen Millennium Committee to produce a mosaic for the village to commemorate the New Millennium.

I have always thought it a shame that the village hall with its wonderful murals within should have such a bland exterior. I therefore proposed a design which I believed would both brighten up the hall exterior and relate to the murals inside. 


Aiming for something quite lively I thought that banners would look suitably celebratory interspersed with images associated specifically to Woodgreen. These include:- the Woodgreen Merrie Trees ; a brook ; footpaths, unusually plentiful in Woodgreen ; a pony ; the Cricket Club ; cider making ; a Palaeolithic hand-axe, Woodgreen being of Special Scientific Interest for such artefacts ; sprigs of the common holly and oak trees ; and finally two gold crosses to represent the two churches.

The mosaic which incorporates ceramic, glass and gold mosaic was carried out at my workshop in Godshill and took approximately eight weeks to complete. 

I am now beginning a mosaic for the Royal Albert Hall, London my previous “Village Hall”! which coincidently will be located above the new entrance, of a similar triangular shape to the Woodgreen design, and executed in identical materials. I was approached about it a year ago but made sure Woodgreen’s was finished first ! 

Trevor Caley

 Postcards & Notelets

Woodgreen Village Hall Management Committee has professionally printed sets of postcards and notelets showing the murals. Each set comprises 6 designs - one of each of the main murals : 'Chapel Sunday School', 'Horticultural Show', 'Castle Hill', 'Cider Pressing', 'Fruit Picking', and 'Village Team in County Competition'. The notelets carry the same set of pictures on a folded card and are supplied with six envelopes. Additionally there is a Christmas card showing the 'Christmas in the Infirmary' mural. Postcard & Notelet packs contain an information card on the murals.
We currently do not have the facility for purchase of these online. However, postcard & notelet packs are available for purchase at the Woodgreen Village Shop which is almost adjacent to the hall.