A small selection of photos taken by our photographer 
- these have been edited for the website (low resolution)

Sheila Galpin : ( daughter of Arthur Vincent  )

David & Colin Barter - sons of Kitty Smith : 

(Country Dancing)


The Young family : descendants of John Young : Horse & Groom :

Dennis Barrow - nephew of Alphonse Elkins (above) and Lillian & Mary Elkins (Sunday School scene) and his wife Joanne - granddaughter of John Young (Horse & Groom)Roz Hobbs (Young) granddaughter of John Young. Micheal Young & Shirley Young : son & daughter of John Young

Lin Brown, Sue Harris & Les Bailey : nieces & nephew of Daisy Walker,

And also Granddaughters & nephew (respectively) of William Isaacs

Joan and Anthony Barnaby : daughter/grandson of Jane Snelgrove, sister/nephew Arthur Snelgrove
Members of the Parker, Brewer & Crook family 
Nell Weeks (Brewer), Doreen Alford (Clayton), Irene Anton (Crook) & Kathleen Newman (Parker) cutting the celebration cake
Peter Clayton & Doreen Alford (Clayton) & son, Chris Alford 
Sheila, Moira, Colin & Janice
Grandchildren of Mrs Hobbs
Nell Weeks (Brewer) receiving a plant from Bob Wilkie, treasurer of the village hall committee
Kathleen Newman(Parker) with Bill Pybus, manager of the village hall.
Janice Brown receiving a plant from Julia Wilkie, Chair of the village hall committee on behalf of her mother, Dorothy (Hobbs)
Doreen Alford (Clayton) receiving a plant from Julia Wilkie
David & Hanna Milner, Stephen & Penny Tahsin : sons/granddaughter of Kathleen Tazewell